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10 Games Every Learning Pro Should Play

March 23, 2017/0/0/

You’ve heard of gamification. Everyone has (and if you haven’t, just ask us.) However, some eLearning modules are passed off as games without proper consideration. Sure, badges look pretty and leaderboards promote internal company violence competitiveness, but they rarely help anyone. These games’ gimmicks only leave users with a fleeting experience of having learned anything. […]

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Six Tips for More Engaging Induction Training

March 21, 2017/0/0/

First impressions matter.  Most people starting a new job make an effort to dress nicely to impress their co-workers.  Are you making the same effort for your employees to welcome them to the company? What is their typical first day like? If at any point you find yourself saying to a new person “I know […]

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Types of eLearning: The good, the bad and the ugly

November 30, 2015/0/0/

Earlier this year, I wanted to run a webinar to help people be able to differentiate between what effective eLearning looks like, and what ineffective eLearning looks like. I felt quite strongly about putting something together on this topic as I personally felt that a lot of organisations where ending up with ineffective training, simply [...]

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Converting Face to Face Training to eLearning

October 23, 2015/0/0/

‘We want to convert our current face-to-face training to eLearning, can you do that?’ This is one of the most common requests eLearning companies hear from their clients. To answer the question very simply - Yes, we can do that. However, I do need to expand on the underlying meaning of the word ‘convert’ in [...]

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Cognitive Biases: Memory and Effective Training

September 11, 2015/0/0/

Our minds are always throwing up some fascinating memory biases that impact the way we learn. We created this infographic, the second in our Cognitive Biases series, to show how we can use them to create effective training. Tweet this infographic Learning is something that never stops for us. We humans are always learning new things. So [...]

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5 Assumptions That You Shouldn’t Make About eLearning

June 22, 2015/0/9/

eLearning is one of those industries where there are many different ‘truths’ and assumptions. While this list is only the tip of the iceberg, here are a few of the most common ones we want to address. #1 More Interactivity Means More Engagement Finding the right balance of interactivity in any eLearning design is dependent on [...]

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