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10 Games Every Learning Pro Should Play

March 23, 2017/0/0/

You’ve heard of gamification. Everyone has (and if you haven’t, just ask us.) However, some eLearning modules are passed off as games without proper consideration. Sure, badges look pretty and leaderboards promote internal company violence competitiveness, but they rarely help anyone. These games’ gimmicks only leave users with a fleeting experience of having learned anything. […]

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Gamification – All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses the Point

September 3, 2015/0/0/

I have a confession to make; this was written in anger… It was written at about 8:02am on a Tuesday, while I was enjoying my morning coffee and casually browsing the collection of blogs and other learning related materials that had popped up in my newsfeed during the night. Then, it happened; an article on [...]

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