Six Characteristics of Learner-Centred eLearning

August 17, 2016/0/2/

There is an often overlooked fact about learning initiatives: “It’s the learners that do the learning.”   What I mean by this, is that “learning” doesn’t happen in the eLearning or in a face to face session; it’s an internal process that people have to choose to undertake. The purpose of any learning initiative is [...]


Falling trees, mountain biking and eLearning motivation

June 9, 2016/0/2/

Motivation is something talked about in eLearning often, but how does it impact the way we think about, and design, eLearning courses? Raf explains the best ways to use motivation. Motivation, it’s a funny thing. In order for someone to do something, they need to be motivated. But what that motivation is and where it [...]

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5 clever ideas for using QR codes in eLearning

March 31, 2016/0/2/

With the proliferation of mobile devices; mlearning or mobile learning has become a great way to provide learners with what they need, when they need it. However, there are two questions that are often overlooked when thinking about providing learners with on demand m-learning: How will someone know there is learning available on the topic [...]

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A guide to QR Codes in eLearning

March 31, 2016/0/0/

On demand learning is something that is often talked about in eLearning and L&D. The idea is that we want to give people an opportunity to learn something at the point they need to, rather than days, weeks, or even months before like we often see with planned formal learning. With on demand learning, one [...]

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What is xAPI?

February 17, 2016/0/1/

After taking an in depth look at SCORM, we have dived into another frequently asked question; What is xAPI? Recently, we published an article that answered the question “What is SCORM?” in some detail. If you have arrived at this article not having read it, I would suggest you have a quick skim through it [...]

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What is SCORM?

February 16, 2016/0/0/

We answer one of the most frequently asked questions about eLearning. What is SCORM? When you first start learning about eLearning or Learning Management Systems (LMS), you will eventually come across the term SCORM. When it comes to instructional design or learning strategy, it's not that important to know what it means. But if you're buying eLearning, uploading [...]


From Core to Bore: What to include in your eLearning

February 10, 2016/0/1/

In creating eLearning, one of the biggest challenges we face is being able to identify what should and shouldn't be included. This is the key reason that we start by defining a clear goal for the solution, then working backwards to work out what learners need based on that. The most common trap people fall [...]

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Won’t someone please think of the children?

December 18, 2015/0/1/

When it comes to children, everyone is focused on providing the best education possible. Parents will spend countless hours researching and seeking out the best pre-school, primary school and high school providers for their little treasures. There are waiting lists for pre-schools and interviews for primary schools, but parents are happy to jump through these […]

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Your learners are not unicorns!

December 11, 2015/0/1/

There is a rather strange trend in organisations when it comes to understanding their learners; no one seems to know much about them. This leads to very general statements when having discussions about the audience such as: ‘We employ people from 16 to 65, so have a very broad demographic’ - Hmmm, yes very broad [...]


Top 5 tips for designing purposeful eLearning activities

December 3, 2015/0/3/

One of the most powerful benefits of using eLearning is that we are able to use interactivity and activities to create a highly engaging learning experience. To be completely honest, we are truly spoilt for choice being able to create almost any type of activity we can think of. We can create activities that will help [...]