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mLearning Round Table

April 6, 2016/0/1/

Matt, Raf and Brenton discuss the considerations and unique characteristics of mLearning in our first eLearning round table conversation. “People are still trying to just replicate eLearning on a mobile device and not looking at mLearning as a completely new kettle of fish…   Actually I like the term ball game, can I replace kettle [...]


Drag-and-Drop: Why it’s time to let go

April 6, 2016/0/1/

It seems everyone loves the drag-and-drop in eLearning. Beau takes a look at its long, complex history and why it needs to end. The origins of it are hard to track down, but estimates put the first drag-and-drop function in Europe around 500,000 years ago. Neanderthals would select a tool, then move that tool to a location [...]

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